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Our Mission

Today’s Research.  Tomorrow’s Medicines.

As a leader in research, ACRC Trials' mission is to provide exceptional services to our sponsors and volunteers, and to set the standard of excellence in coordinating clinical trials so patients can enjoy the benefits of approved treatments as quickly as possible.  Our aim is to advance medical treatments, establish ourselves and our team of top-notch physicians as leaders in clinical research and offer our research team a great place to work.  We make a contribution to medicine, and therefore, society.

We aim to provide high quality data and services to our sponsors.  We implement all protocols in the most ethical and efficient manner so our sponsors have the data they need to expedite the drug development process. 

We strive to provide our study volunteers with an exceptional research experience given with respect and care.  Research study volunteers allow us to investigate new medications that may in the future, help patients lead longer, healthier, and happier lives. 

We aim to establish ourselves and our enthusiastic team of top-notch physician researchers as leaders in clinical research.  We accomplish something collectively, that we could not accomplish separately.

We strive to maintain a friendly, productive, and fair work environment for our staff, which fosters new ideas and rewards hard work.